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Athena Self-Study Courses

There are three available courses for learning Athena. The material for these courses consists of thoughtfully curated excerpts from the Athena book.

The three courses are labelled "Minimal", "Quick" and "Complete".

While the "Complete" sequence is recommended and can be completed in a few days of study, "Minimal" is the fastest way to get started. The "Quick" study sequence is very similar to the "Minimal" sequence, but includes additional material on a core aspect of Athena's semantics (the runtime assumption base), as well as material on a very powerful proof mechanism, implication chaining.

Below is a diagram displaying the dependency tree of the course contents, as well as the lesson sequence depending on the chosen path.

Athena courses sequence and dependency tree


The following links correspond to the numbered entries in the tree above. Each link navigates to a downloadable PDF file.

  1. Athena Overview & Athena Introduction
  2. Whirlwind Tour
  3. Assumption Bases
  4. Directives
  5. Modules
  6. Athena Programming
  7. Proof Basics
  8. SAT Solving
  9. SMT Solving and ATPs
  10. Logic Programming
  11. Summary and Exercises
  12. Odds and Ends
  13. Pattern Matching
  14. Datatypes
  15. Sentential Logic
  16. Equality Chaining
  17. Predicate Logic
  18. Implication Chaining
  19. Predicate Logic Exercises








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